New Nitrox depth table dive log template

There is now also a Nitrox depth table as a dive log template for the 4 logbook formats.

In addition, I changed many dive log template regarding the margins and cropped a little bit updated (the content has not changed). And there is a new version of the 3 dives version for the SSI DiveLog. This will follow for the other formats and will be announced here as well.

Please note that the dive log template are German at the moment. Stay tuned for an English version in the next weeks!

Click here for the dive log templates.

Have fun with it. 🙂

Togo en apnée

Just rediscovered by accident. Two great videos from my favorite wreck, the Togo near Saint-Tropez, French Riviera. The videos have a great atmosphere, you need to watch it. And just try to ignore the poor white balance.

Epave togo -56M en Apnée acte 1

Freediving -60M Wreck TOGO acte 2

Apart from the fact that the athletic performance is inconceivable for me. Therefore, I have visited the Togo so far only with tank(s). 😉 Three times in summer 2005 with Martin Hess, a great video came out.

Scuba d'Azur – Le Togo