Batangas Channel
Dive site in the northwest of Mindoro

On the sand and gravel bottom in about 35 meters there are many large seahorses

Coral Cove
Dive site with many stone and soft corals

Dry Dock
Artificial sunken dry dock for small ships

Dungeon Wall
Super coral garden with everything your heart desires!

Completely inconspicuous sand field, in which with the help of the guide absolutely ingenious macro animals can be seen

Hole in the Wall
Rock formation with a hole to dive through

Kilima Wall
Beautifully overgrown wall with overhangs

Laguna Point
Beautiful coral garden with many different species of fish

Laguna Wreck
Easily to dive artificially sunk larger pleasure boat

Manila Channel
Varied reef, but rather disappointing, if you know the other dive sites

Monkey Beach
Super beautiful reef with absolutely intact coral and fish world

MV Alma Jane Express
Small but well-preserved wreck with many details

Pink Wall
Beautiful coral garden with partly large overhangs

Sabang Point

Sabang Wall
Full growth and absolutely intact reef, many fan corals with pygmy seahorses

Sabang Wrecks
Three artificially sunken wrecks in a small space, nicely overgrown with many batfish

Shark Cave
Under the ledge is the place for reef sharks

Sinandigan Wall
Dive site with tons of nudibranchs

The Canyon
Super dive site that can only be reached with the help of the current

Turtle Rock
Big boulder at 40 meters depth with innumerable nudibranchs

Verde Island
Reef far away from the mainland with intact wall and lots of fish

West Escarceo
Drift dive with beautiful coral garden

Wreck Point
Super coral garden with an incredible amount of fish

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