French Riviera

Dive site on the southwestern tip of the Giens Peninsula

Torpedo-boat destroyer near Saint-Tropez

La Gabinière (Parc national de Port-Cros)
Small island within the Port-Cros National Park

La Piscine des Mèdes (Île de Porquerolles)
Extension of "Le Rocher des Mèdes"

La Pointe de la Croix (Île de Port-Cros)
Bay in the south of Île de Port-Cros

La Pointe du Vaisseau (Île de Port-Cros)
Dive site in the south of Île de Port-Cros

La Pointe Rabbat
Alternative dive site when the sea is rough, so nothing special

Le Donator
Norwegian freighter near Giens

Le Grec
Small freighter near Giens, also known as "Le Sagona"

Le Michel C
Steamboat wreck with many details near Giens

Le Prophète
Steam-powered schooner near Saint-Tropez

Le Ramon Membru
Merchant cargo vessel near Cavalaire-sur-Mer

Le Relax
Commercial cargo ship at Saint-Tropez

Le Rocher des Mèdes (Île de Porquerolles)
The "OK" rock northeast of Île de Porquerolles at Giens

Le Rubis
Saphir-class minelaying submarine near Saint-Tropez

Le Sec de la Jeaune Garde (Île de Porquerolles)
Beautiful rock formation with overwater view of the lighthouse

Le Sec des Carrières (Île de Porquerolles)
Rocks and gorgonians southwest of Île de Porquerolles near Giens

Le Sec des Murènes (Île de Porquerolles)

Le Sec du Gendarme (Île de Porquerolles)
Dive site at Cap des Mèdes, north of Porquerolles

Le Sec du Langoustier (Île de Porquerolles)
Dive site west of Île de Porquerolles

Le Tell
Completely destroyed shallow water wreck off Cap Camarat

Le Togo
Fascinating and deep wreck at Cap Lardier

Le Vapeur
Old steamship near Giens

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