Nice flooded gravel pit near Germersheim

Deglersee (Rastatter Freizeitparadies)
Clear and fish-rich lake next to the Rhine river near Plittersdorf

Eggensteiner Baggersee


Grötzinger Baggersee
Former gravel pit in the middle of a forest near Karlsruhe

Gültlinger See

Immenstaad Bunker (Lake Constance)
Old torpedo test facility on the site of today's Dornier works

Klausenhorn (Lake Constance)
Drop-off dive spot at the public bathing beach of Dingelsdorf

Lädine of Ludwigshafen (Lake Constance)
The clay ship of Ludwigshafen-Bodman

Little Klausenhorn (Lake Constance)
Steep dive spot with stony platforms at public bathing beach Dingelsdorf

Marienschlucht (Lake Constance)
Great wall dive not far from the Teufelstisch and the drop off of Wallhausen

Quarry pit lake at Untergrombach

Nagoldtalsperre Erzgrube
Reservoir near Freudenstadt in the Black Forest

St. Leoner See
Leisure lake near St. Leon-Rot

Small lake at Linkenheim near Karlsruhe

Überlingen Campground (Lake Constance)
Dive site on the Überlingen drop off

Überlingen Liebesinsel (Lake Constance)
The begin of the Überlingen drop off

Überlingen Navigation Mark 24 (Lake Constance)
Dive site "Baugraf" on the Überlingen wall

Überlingen Post Office (Lake Constance)
Drop off dive site directly in Überlingen

Überlingen Tennis Courts (Lake Constance)
Shallow dive site with practice platforms

Flooded gravel pit near Nonnenweier / Lahr

Wallhausen Drop Off (Lake Constance)
Challenging and well-known drop off dive site

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