Carless Reef

El Fanadir
2 kilometer long reef north of Hurghada

Erg Somaya

Ham Ham (Giftun)
Drift dive on the eastern side of Small Giftun Island

Manta Point
Beautiful reef north of Hurghada with chance for sharks and rays

MS Balena
Liveaboard boat at the coastline of Hurghada

Sachwe Abu Galawa

Sha’ab Abu Ramada
Reef south of Small Giftun near Hurghada

Sha’ab el Erg
Large reef block north of Hurghada with a canal

Sha’ab Heluwa
The northwestern part of Sha'ab el Erg

Sha’ab Quais
Dive site south of the Giftun National Park with several coral blocks

Sha’ab Sabina
Reef between Big Giftun Island and Small Giftun Island

Stone Beach (Giftun)
Giftun national park dive spot

Umm Gamar

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