Cala Rustella (Cap de Creus)
Seagrass meadows and beautifully overgrown reef wall

Cap Falconera (Cap de Creus)
Dive site with many niches and holes to look into

Cap Norfeu 1 (Cap de Creus)
At this dive site you should look under the rocks

El Gato (Cap de Creus)
A dive site that includes both a drop off and a beautiful plateau

Punta de la Terrassa (Cap de Creus)
Drop off with beautiful coral growth

Punta de la Trayer (Cap de Creus)
Beautiful reef edge, gravel plateau and cave

Punta de la Trona (Cap de Creus)
Small canyon and chimney, which is very nice to dive

Punta del Mero (Cap de Creus)
Great dive site with a lot of variety

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