Koh Similan

Anita’s Reef (Similan 5+6)
Shallow dive site between two islands

Beacon Reef (Similan 8)
Reef wall with many stone corals

Breakfast Bend (Similan 9)
Long reef in the east of island 9

Donald Duck Bay (Similan 8)

East of Eden (Similan 7)
Large granite blocks with beautiful canyons

Elephant Head Rock (Similan 8)
The biggest pinnacle of the Similans

Honeymoon Bay (Similan 4)
Cozy and gently sloping reef diving spot

North Point (Similan 9)
The northernmost Similan dive spot

Three Trees (Similan 9)
Northern continuation of "Breakfast Bend"

Turtle Rock (Similan 8)
Dive site with turtle shaped rock formation over water

West of Eden (Similan 7)
Big pinnacle with colorful soft corals

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