Stone Beach (Giftun)

Giftun national park dive spot

Der Giftun Nationalpark - über Wasser eher karg, September 2002Mittagspause im wellengeschützten Bereich im Giftun Nationalpark, September 2002Riffleben, September 2002verzweigte Tischkoralle, September 2002Hartkorallenriff, September 2002
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27° 14' 15.35" N, 33° 55' 43.15" E
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Data & Description

within the Giftun National Park on the north side of Big Giftun Island

Local dive center:
James & Mac


Das Wetter für


Description dive spot:
Stone Beach is a plateau attached to the reef wall of the island, which drops slightly from about 15 to 30 meters. At the end of the plateau steep walls lead into the depth. Morays, stonefish and scorpionfish are often seen on the plateau. Above the plateau are larger swarms.

Contributed by:
Martin Sebald, Alexander Schönleber

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