Na’ama Bay House Reef

Great diving opportunity directly from the beach of Na'ama Bay

Das Wrack der Momo auf 15 Metern, Mai 2007Oktopus, Mai 2007Oktopus spielt mit Oktopus ;-) , Mai 2007Prachtsternschnecke, Mai 2007Alex an der Momo auf 15 Metern, Mai 2007Video des Napoleons upside down ;-) , Mai 2007
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27° 54' 41.76" N, 34° 19' 45.30" E
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Contributed by:
Martin Sebald, Alexander Schönleber

Local dive center:
Sinai Divers

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Description dive spot:
Since we were diving with Sinai Divers, the information, description and pictures refer to the part of the house reef of Na'ama Bay which is within walking distance of the Sinai Divers diving center. However, we were able to take a picture of a diving map of the Werner Lau diving center, which shows a larger part of the bay.
In the shallow water at the beach you can finish dressing comfortably and then start the dive. The house reef consists here of several coral blocks which are also a bit suitable for snorkelers. Only limited because only a small block is just below the water surface, the next block is already at least about 5 meters deep, all other blocks are even deeper. The maximum depth reached here as a diver is about 18 meters on the east side of the lower block. The dive site is completely free of drift, only at 18 meters it often pulls a little.
In addition to the coral blocks you will also find a seagrass meadow (northeast), a buoyancy course and the wreck of a small wooden boat at about 12 meters depth. The boat was sunk by the Sinai Divers in March 2007 and was named "Momo" after the well-known dog of the dive center. On the wreck towards the beach is a large anemone, also amphorae were placed on the wreck.
The reef blocks have an incredible variety of species, here at the house reef there is much to discover, even dives of over 100 minutes are possible here without getting bored. We have discovered nudibranchs, octopus, puffer fish and box fish, crabs, shrimp, sandperches and stone fish, eagle and blue spotted stingrays, moray eels, pipefish and much more. There is also a large selection of beautiful and mostly intact soft and hard corals to admire.
A special highlight of the house reef is the big humphead wrasse, who is used to scuba divers and can be watched for minutes if the mood and behavior of the diver are appropriate. But even with such a friendly animal an important rule applies: Do not touch!
The Sinai Divers offer unaccompanied house reef dives as a bonus in their dive packages. All you need is a buddy. Get a tank and sign up for the list. Since the house reef is really a jewel we consider the included house reef dives as a great extension of dive packages. Accompanied night dives can also be arranged with the dive center for a surcharge.




Das Wetter für
Sharm El Sheikh


Minimum depth:
1 meter

Maximum depth:
18 meters

none, slight only at the bottom of the last coral block

Alternative names for this dive spot:
Naama Bay Hausriff, Naama Bay House Reef



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