Abu Galawa Kebir

Reef with a small shipwreck

Grüner Riesendrückerfisch, März 2005Manne der Tarierteufel, März 2005März 2005März 2005Korallenformation, März 2005Feuerkoralle, März 2005
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24° 13' 43.32" N, 35° 34' 23.04" E
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Data & Description

Former names:
Tien Hsing

Type of vessel:
Tug boat

Port of registry:

35,98 meters

7,35 meters

268 tons



Maximum depth:
Wreck: 0 to 17 meters, reef: 35 meters


Das Wetter für
Marsa Alam


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Description dive spot:
Dive option to the north: The entrance to the first lagoon is located at about 2 to 4 meters depth. The lagoon itself is about 8 to 9 meters deep and has a sandy bottom. All around a lot of coral growth. There is also a passage to a second, slightly smaller, lagoon. This is 5 to 6 meters deep and also covered with many corals. At the bottom of the two lagoons you will often find blue spotted stingrays and snails. Back in the first lagoon, head west for about 3 to 4 meters, over beautiful and big hard corals out of the lagoon. With sufficient air, you can make a detour further west until you find the so-called "Fuchur" rock at a depth of 35 meters, which looks like Fuchur from the "Neverending Story" movie.
Diving option to the south and to the wreck: You reach the wreck with the southern reef to the left after a few minutes in 17 meters depth. This lies diagonally on the reef, the tail on 17 meters, the bow even looks out of the water at low tide. The wreck is one of the most beautifully overgrown wrecks in the Red Sea. You can not dive in, but it is possible to dive under the hull. Next to the bow there is a submersible cave about 2 to 4 meters deep.
On the outer side of the reef you can observe huge snapper and bannerfish schools between beautiful coral gardens.

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Clemens Wolfangel, Joe

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