Completely inconspicuous sand field, in which with the help of the guide absolutely ingenious macro animals can be seen

Spinnenkrabbe, Oktober 2003Pracht-Partnergarnele auf Anemone, Oktober 2003Seenadel, Oktober 2003Spinnenkrabbe, Oktober 2003Pepper-Sepia (Flammensepia), Oktober 2003Korallenkrabbe auf Haarstern, Oktober 2003
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Data & Description

Contributed by:
Alexander Schönleber, Clemens Wolfangel, Joe, Uschi Baumdicker

Description dive spot:
There is a lot going on and in the sand field. However, it is only worthwhile with a very good eye without a guide, as the camouflage of the animals is perfect. Everywhere are small spider crabs, coral shrimps, partner shrimp, sand eel, devil fish, stonefish, Peppersepias and much, much more to find. A dive that has it all!

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Maximum depth:
~21 meters


Das Wetter für
Puerto Galera


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