Aquarium II (Cayo Largo)

15 meters dive site with unspectacular rock formation, but with a lot of reef fish

Januar 2007Januar 2007Januar 2007Übersichtskarte Cayo Largo Tauchplätze, Januar 2007Basis auf Cayo Largo, Januar 2007Januar 2007
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21° 35' 0.00" N, 81° 36' 2.00" W
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Data & Description


Das Wetter für
Cayo Largo


Description dive spot:
Price per dive 39 CUC (~ 35 €) + 8 CUC for equipment (~ 6 €).
At the dive site Aquarium II you are dropped directly from the boat and dive immediately to the maximum depth of 12 to 15 meters. The rock formations are not particularly high and are only occasionally overgrown with fan corals. On the rocks are a lot of reef fish and occasionally a few small rays and perches to see. Big fish are not to be seen here. Outside the rocks is just sand and dead coral parts.
The dive site is not great, but for a first dive it is okay.

Contributed by:
Alexander Schönleber, Holger Bausch

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