Echinger Weiher

Groundwater lake near Munich with excellent visibility

Hechte kann man viele sehen im Echinger Weiher, Mai 2004Die Ufer sind recht verwildert, Mai 2004Durch den Quellwasserzufluss ergeben sich interessante Effekte, Mai 2004Huch, ein Ikea-Einkaufswagen, Mai 2004Hier muss geparkt werden, allerdings darf zum ent- und beladen an den Weiher gefahren werden, Mai 2004
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48° 18' 55.98" N, 11° 37' 1.02" E
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Diving permit:
8 € for one day, payable in advance via bank transfer

Exit Eching on Autobahn 9 from Munich to Nuremberg, then towards Eching. At the first traffic light right towards Günzenhausen. After the secong bridge on the right hand side you find the small road towards the lake.

about 460 meters

Maximum depth:
9 meters

8 to 15 meters

Local dive center:
Martin Zaglauer

Route planner:
Google Maps


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Description dive spot:
The Echinger Weiher is a groundwater lake with good visibility. It has a nice underwater vegetation, mostly stonewort. Especially nice are the formations on the ground, built by outpouring groundwater.
At the lake itself there are a lot of space for sunbathing, the Autobahn next to the lake is clearly hearable.
At the lake parking is not allowed. You need to unload the equipment and leave the car on the paved road.

You can find more informationen, also about payment, on the website of Martin Zaglauer, linked under "Local dive center".

Contributed by:
Martin Sebald, Mario Nelles

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