Las Puertas

The ideal boat dive site for deep dives

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28° 37' 26.34" N, 17° 44' 58.56" W
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Local dive center:
Buceo Sub La Palma

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Das Wetter für
La Palma


Description dive spot:
When starting and diving down, the divers can expect a depth of 5 to 7 meters. But only a few meters away, lava flows accompany the divers to a depth of well over 50 meters. The dive site is criss-crossed by tunnels, caves and arches that are easy to dive through. This is the place on La Palma for big fish, rays and with a little luck also for sharks. Dive straight out of the bay, dive through a small archway that ends in a lava channel.
Following the canal it reaches a depth of 15 to 20 meters to the right. After a short time you come to a lava flow which, with short interruptions, drops to a depth of well over 50 meters. Dive over the lava flow and follow the rock formations to the desired depth. The lava flow is on the left shoulder.
At 110 to 120 bar left the lava flow should be crossed again and one should stay along the steep slope at a depth of about 20 meters. After about 15 minutes of diving you will reach a small canyon at about 8 meters. Follow this until a small chimney appears on the right with an opening upwards - dive through here. You then come to a small, shallow bay with a large archway to the left to the side bay. If you dive through this arch, you are back at the starting point.

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Jürgen Langenberger

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