Pozzo delle Posse I (Valle Verzasca)

Dive site at the Pizzeria Posse

46° 15' 3.90" N, 8° 50' 38.10" E
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advanced diver

Maximum depth:
7 meters

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Description dive spot:
Posse I and Posse II are the dive sites with the best infrastructure in the Verzasca valley: the Pizzeria Posse with attached guesthouse, a filling station and proper toilets. But you need to get used to the pricing policy of the pizzeria - there are certainly restaurants with much better value for money in the Verzasca valley. On the north side of the parking lot is an SOS pillar.
The descent to the dive site Posse I is short but exhausting. A part of the way is straight and even, with wood attached. Here the diver can comfortably walk down and up again. As usual here, the second part has the motto "climbing over the stones", but this time interrupted with a small 2-3 meter high and vertically mounted steel ladder. Most of the way to the dive site is in the shade, in contrast to the way to the dive site Posse II.
At the entrance you can lean comfortably against the rock to put on fins, gloves and mask. The valley is particularly narrow and high, but the dive site is also well suited for an early-morning dive.

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Martin Sebald

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